Stop the Pop-Ups! Please!

A common concern with linking dashboards together in Tableau Server is that new web browser tabs are created for every new dashboard that is opened.  Well...for those of you that wish to stop this behavior, read on!  If you like the behavior, please enjoy this video of puppies and kittens instead of the rest of the post.  Pretty cute, right? 

1.  Open the URL action for the associated link.

2.  Go to Dashboard-->Actions--> and open the URL Action used to take the user from their current dashboard to the destination dashboard. 

3.  At the end of the URL, add in the following:


The link should look like the screen shot below:

Blog Pic.png

4.  Publish the updated dashboard.  Note that if anyone was using a link to access the dashboard it needs to be updated to include the addition shown above.

Happy Tableau-ing!  And yes, that is now a verb. 

Author: Chris Bick