Kids These Days...A Shallow Dive into International Test Scores

Hello all!

Today we are going to do a brief study of international test scores by nation.  The standard method that is used for this it to utilize PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) data.  PISA tests students from a wide variety of nations in three subjects: math, reading, and science.  Therefore, in order to look into this topic I found PISA data from 2015 (the most recent test year) and imported it into Tableau.

Once the data was imported I created a simple map of the data and added a country filter.

Not too shabby!  There aren't many surprises here, as we have all heard about the performance of American youth in mathematics.  What about Reading and Science?  Well...

As we can see, the US stacks up better in reading than math, but is still far from the top.  Ok, how about science?

Hmm, 25th.  Well, it could be worse, right?

That does it for this mildly interesting blog post, back soon with another!

Author: Chris Bick