Microbreweries in the US...Let's Take a Look!

Greetings readers!  Today we are going to take a look at the growth of microbreweries in the United States.  To do this, we will take a look at a data set from data.gov that counts the number of breweries in the United States.  The first step needed is to put the data into the correct columnar format for Tableau, which was a breeze with our pal Alteryx. 

Once this was complete the data is loaded into Tableau.  Let's start by dropping in the states and adding an average brewery count.

It's a start, but doesn't really tell us much.  How has the industry grown?  Let's try adding "Year" as a page to see how the dots increase over time.

Better, but this doesn't reflect populations.  Where is craft beer taking off per capita?  Let's try normalizing this view with population data.  To do this we can use census data for each state's population.  Below is the formula used to normalize the brewery count by population.


After we apply this formula to the dot size we have a normalized reflection!

To sum up, as of 2017 these were the top five per capita brewery states:

Congratulations to the state of Vermont!  I guess.

Author: Chris Bick