Custom Dynamic Date Views

Custom Dynamic Date Views


What do you do if you always have to show the same number of date records, but I need to be able to change the date level: day, week, month, quarter, and year? How do I accomplish this in Tableau? For example: I want to be able to dynamically change between 24 months and 24 years in my visualization.


This can be fairly easily accomplished with a mixture of calculated fields, parameters, and filters.

Cigarette Use Percentage Per State

Which state has the worst smoking habit? Now we have the Viz!

View, interact, and download this visualization here.

This visualization displays the smoking use percentage per state, displayed as a label and on a tool-tip. Dark blue indicates states with the best (lowest) smoking percentage with dark orange indicating the worst (highest) smoking percentage.

The data is from a 2012 CDC report.

Visualization and post by Alex Christensen.

Gas Prices - Adjusted for Inflation

We all know that gas prices are going up, but have you wonder how much they have actually gone up if you adjust for inflation? Now we have the viz!

View, interact, and download this visualization here.

The average US gas price has increased from $1.07 in April 1993 to $3.71 in July 2014. That's a 346% increase! However, if you take into account the US yearly CPI inflation, the increase is 210%. Still a lot, but not as much as you may have thought.

Post and visualization by Alex Christensen.

Milwaukee, WI - Low Birth Weight

In the viz below, three effective, albeit underutilized, Tableau graphs are used to illustrate low birth weight in Milwaukee, WI.

View, interact, and download this visualization here.

Maps by zip code, box-and-whisker plots, and bump charts are great ways to display information. However, these visualizations are underused in Tableau dashboards. Interested in how we created these graphs? Download the viz and reverse engineer!

Visualization by Sarah Nell.

Post by Alex Christensen.