Hello, Stranger!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Tableauza!  You are probably asking yourself, "What the heck is Tableauza!?”  To be honest, the word has no significance other than being an amalgamation between “Tableau” and “Wowza”.  As an example, "Wowza, Tableau is awesome!”  It will also always have the exclamation point (!) to convey the excitement we feel when working with data visualization and Tableau Software.   At its core, Tableauza! is a happy word that is said with emphasis and lots of gesticulation.  

The purpose of this blog is to make you as excited about data visualization as we are!

Now that you have an understanding of the core excitement that is Tableauza! you will probably want to know who is bringing you the content of this blog.  You can read about us in Contact Us section, but that doesn't really give you a sense of who we are as people.   The foremost thing you should understand about Alex and I (Sarah): we are geeks.  No matter the form, we play with data for fun and we do it because we can. The second thing you should know about us is that we love food.   If we're not thinking about data, we're thinking about what deliciousness we'll be eating for lunch.  Food is the fuel to fire our synapses so we can work to bring you cool and inventive visualizations.  Or at least that is what we tell ourselves.  (Also, we are located in Wisconsin where we need to hibernate for half the year so food is a necessity.)  

We are also extensively involved in the Tableau community.   We truly do believe in Tableau's ability to reach all different industries, sectors, and environments.   The sky is the limit!  (Pardon the cliché.)   We believe in the grass roots effort of the Tableau community and try to perpetuate that through local Tableau User Groups (TUG); I manage our local Milwaukee TUG and we have a significant presence at the Madison TUG. Sense of community around learning is what drew me to Tableau in the first place. That and it's just plain awesome!   

With that in mind we'll be posting blogs for every range of skill. Whether you are new to Tableau Software or an avid user, we will have something for you.   We will be posting visualizations from data that we randomly found through searches, but also posting about core skills that we think are important for all users.   We hope that you come along for the ride and that you will become part of our awesome community, whether online or through the local TUG groups.   

Thanks for reading and we look forward to getting to know you our readers


Author – Sarah Nell