AE Business Solutions' Tableauza! has a wide variety of Tableau services designed for both Tableau newcomers and Tableau veterans. Our industry recognized expertise will provide hands-on, results driven experience to guide your success with Tableau products.

AE Business Solutions Free Tableau Demo

Is your company new to Tableau Software? Schedule a free Tableau demo today! We are happy to help any company learn more about Tableau. Online demos are always available and in-person demos are available to clients within driving distance of Central Wisconsin, Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois. Contact us!

Tableau Teaser

New to Tableau Desktop? Need a new dashboard quick? During this risk-free engagement, our industry recognized data visualization experts provide brand-new dashboards. Try it and buy it! Contact us!

Tableau Desktop Quick Start

Not sure where to start with the visualizations in Tableau Desktop? AE's industry recognized data visualization experts will help you leverage Tableau Desktop as quickly as possible. Contact us!

Tableau Desktop Tune-Up

Need help taking Tableau to the next level? Our industry recognized Tableau experts will provide 5 days of custom consulting to help you take Tableau to the next level. Contact us!

Tableau Server Quick Start

Need help implementing Tableau Server fast? Our industry recognized Tableau experts will provide an out-of-the-box deployment of Tableau Server for clients who are already using Tableau Desktop. Contact us!

Tableau Server Health Check

Do you have Tableau Server installed, but wondering if there's room for optimization? Designed for existing Tableau Server customers, this half-day remote or onsite program includes environmental review of your architecture, data sources, and workbooks. Contact us!


Compelling visualizations require rich data sets. Data preparation and enrichment typically consumes 60-70% of a project's budget and time. AE Business Solutions can help reduce the time it takes to create powerful analytical data sets and can help you leverage analytics tools to make sense of your data. Combine Tableau with other analytics tools, including Alteryx and R, to bring your insights to the next level.   Contact us!

AE Business Solutions Tableau Professional Services

This service offering is a longer term engagement focusing on building a solid foundation with Tableau Products. Whether through a custom designed project that fits the client's specific needs or a tiered deployment of Tableau Server. We have the consults to help with any project.  Contact us!

Please contact us to schedule a demo today or for more information on pricing and the services above.